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International business expansion should not be difficult or frustrating.  If done strategically ​and with attention to details, it is profitable and exciting.  Corson International Trade Consulting, LLC helps companies grow their international business.


Since 1990 I have been guiding and advising a wide variety of companies as they grow internationally via exporting, licensing, franchising, and joint ventures.  I have experience working with all levels of decision-makers, corporate executives, and government officials at the local, state and national levels in the U.S. and around the world.  I have vast experience navigating world cultures, customs, international regulations and standards.  I have traveled to over thirty countries.  In my previous career, I was the Director of an export assistance center, U.S. Dept. of Commerce, International Trade Administration.  I hold a BA in Political Science, an MA in International Affairs, and a law degree.


  • Market research

  • International business strategic plans

  • Political risk analysis

  • Economic risk analysis

  • Referrals to international service providers (attorneys, bankers, accountants, translators, freight forwarders, government agencies)

  • Export regulation compliance




Assisted companies in a multitude of industries in selecting best markets, channels of distribution, market entry methods, locating international business partners, conducting due diligence, and advised companies on U.S. and international regulations.

"Without your support we would have struggled a bit during the years of endeavors to expand our brand globally.  We clearly would not have grown to the extent we have without your services." Mike Riley, Senior Vice President, Ziebart International Corp.
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